Hardgate lambs enjoying the shade by an old dry-stone wall

Ryeland sheep are amongst the oldest of the established British sheep breeds having originated in the county of Hereford some 800 years ago. The breed was developed in the area surrounding Ross-on-Wye and was highly prized for its fleece. Mediaeval records show that Dore Abbey ran a flock of 3,000 of these sheep, and the monks were responsible for weighing and conveying the wool crop to Hereford for collection prior to shipment overseas.The wool became so highly valued that it was termed “Lemster Ore”. It is also believed that the Lord Chancellor’s seat in the House of Lords, the “Wool Sack”, was originally stuffed with Ryeland fleeces.

Taken from Flock Book Society

Link http://www.ryelandfbs.com/history.html